My favorite word in the English language is serendipity, defined as “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.” If it was through a “happy accident” that you arrived here, then you might just be experiencing serendipity right now. Or, if you actually came to this site deliberately…well, I must be doing something right. (Or I am paying you to do so). 

My name is Talib Visram; I am a Penn State graduate and an aspiring writer. /slash/other/ functions as my personal portfolio blog, and also a place where you can read pieces on various topics, from rap music to presidential politics – kind of a win-win situation, right? So: a place where I can write and you can read – two of the three r’s – and then all that’s left is ‘rithmetic, which I’m afraid you’ll have to find elsewhere. After all, math couldn’t really be classified under happy accidents, could it?

If you’re laughing while reading some of these pieces, then I’m doing my job well. And there may even be a couple of articles shoved in there somewhere which might make you a little sad or make you think a bit. In which case, I am successfully reaching my ultimate goal: full, dictatorial control over all human emotions. You are now my mannequins. Sorry it had to come to this.

Oh, and some of my posts are featured on the site ThatsGlitchy.com, which is a really cool up-and-coming news and humor site started by a buddy of mine. That’s about it – now get reading! No…put down the novel you just picked up…I meant read the stuff on this site…

…Please? I’ll pay you?


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